Beauty Spa FAQ’s

Q: Do we have to arrange an appointment before I can go to the spa?

A: We recommend that every customer set an appointment, yet on occasion we do have availability for walk-ins.

Q: Do beauty spa treatment are safe?

A: Yes. Termana Soup was created for 6 years, and hardly it all employs estheticians and accredited therapists.

Q: How can you treat problem skin like age spots and wrinkles?

A: We propose the authoritative Photo-Rejuvenation treatment.

Q: What is Photo-Rejuvenation?

A: Besides treating multiple symptoms and places, it’s noninvasive, mild and safe. There’s “no” down time.”

Q: How much does Photo-Rejuvenation prices?

A: Prices change compared to other tasteful processes; it is competitive and quite affordable.

Q: Is your weight reduction treatment doing?

A: We will be able to assist you to to lose all your unwanted fat, and reach your desired weight in an incredibly short time if you’re willing to take change.

Q: Is there any promotion in your attractiveness services?

A: We’re having a weight reduction treatment promotion.