Evolution & The Itch That Must Be Scratched

The itch that must be scratched

Our sexual urges is a component of what makes us human. As a matter of fact, evolution depends upon our healthy libidos, wherever we find ourselves on the planet. At some point in our life, we may find sexual relief when visiting a foreign city, or act on our sexual urges by self-pleasure. There is nothing wrong about our libido, and certainly the itch that must be scratched is something we should not be ashamed of.

Evolution & The Itch That Must Be Scratched

Science tells us that testosterone controls our sexual drive. And since men have a lot of this hormone, they have a greater desire for sexual pursuits. Their brain is easily turned on, both physically and psychologically, by visual stimuli. Introduction to such cues directly switches on the areas of their brain that are associated with getting an erection.

Women have a different inducement and response to arousal compared with men. For instance, women are less observant regarding physiological signals. In addition, if men derive sexual urges from erotic films, women tend to elicit negative emotions. This can potentially veil their sexual arousal.

The distinctness of our sexual appetite is also determined by genetics, but to a certain extent. Researchers in Israel found out that the gene dopamine D4 receptor, or DRD4, somewhat regulates our brain’s reaction to dopamine. This hormone is known to be linked to our body’s pleasure system. Their study illustrated that 70 percent of the population has the low-arousal type, while the remaining 30 percent carry the high-arousal make of the gene.

Our Response to Sexual Urges

According to the Independent, there are three phases involved in our response to sexual urges. The first is desire, followed by arousal, and lastly, orgasm. Desire is where we lick our lips over the possibility of sexual pleasure using our imagination. This leads up to the excitation phase wherein we get aroused. If we act on it, orgasm will come (no pun intended).

Our sexual urges, which then builds up towards sexual liberation, serve another purpose. At the primal level, it is the source of procreation and engenders a mixed of emotion. It is also a motivating force that goads us to get into romantic relationships.

At the end of the day, we should understand that sexual urges do not always have to be acted on. But if we try to recognise and pay attention to these desires, it can pave the way in seeing who we really are and what we should come to be.