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The itch that must be scratched

Evolution & The Itch That Must Be Scratched

Our sexual urges is a component of what makes us human. As a matter of fact, evolution depends upon our healthy libidos, wherever we find ourselves on the planet. At some point in our life, we may find sexual relief when visiting a foreign city, or act on our sexual urges by self-pleasure. There is nothing wrong about our libido, and certainly the itch that must be scratched is something we should not be ashamed of.

Evolution & The Itch That Must Be Scratched

Science tells us that testosterone controls our sexual drive. And since men have a lot of this hormone, they have a greater desire for sexual pursuits. Their brain is easily turned on, both physically and psychologically, by visual stimuli. Introduction to such cues directly switches on the areas of their brain that are associated with getting an erection.

Women have a different inducement and response to arousal compared with men. For instance, women are less observant regarding physiological signals. In addition, if men derive sexual urges from erotic films, women tend to elicit negative emotions. This can potentially veil their sexual arousal.

The distinctness of our sexual appetite is also determined by genetics, but to a certain extent. Researchers in Israel found out that the gene dopamine D4 receptor, or DRD4, somewhat regulates our brain’s reaction to dopamine. This hormone is known to be linked to our body’s pleasure system. Their study illustrated that 70 percent of the population has the low-arousal type, while the remaining 30 percent carry the high-arousal make of the gene.

Our Response to Sexual Urges

According to the Independent, there are three phases involved in our response to sexual urges. The first is desire, followed by arousal, and lastly, orgasm. Desire is where we lick our lips over the possibility of sexual pleasure using our imagination. This leads up to the excitation phase wherein we get aroused. If we act on it, orgasm will come (no pun intended).

Our sexual urges, which then builds up towards sexual liberation, serve another purpose. At the primal level, it is the source of procreation and engenders a mixed of emotion. It is also a motivating force that goads us to get into romantic relationships.

At the end of the day, we should understand that sexual urges do not always have to be acted on. But if we try to recognise and pay attention to these desires, it can pave the way in seeing who we really are and what we should come to be.

Can Regular Masturbation and Orgasm be Healthy?

One may think that pleasuring thyself is an unconventional relaxation idea. But science proves that regular masturbation and plenty of orgasms present numerous health benefits.

If you are going to ask Dr. Gloria Brame, a clinical sexologist, “masturbation is a part of healthy sex life.” In fact, it has become an integral part of our everyday life. An online poll shows that 27 percent of Americans masturbate at least once a week.

Masturbation is a pleasurable and a wonderful means of exploring yourself physically. It is, in fact, more than a toe-curling orgasmic experience. “Loving ourselves” is said to be good to our physical and mental health, relationships and general satisfaction.

Why Masturbation and Orgasm are Good for You

  • Masturbation prevents cancer and boosts our immunity.

According to Australian scientists, men who get off for at least five times per week are “a third less likely to develop prostate cancer.” When men ejaculate, the disease-causing toxins that accumulate in the urogenital tract are dislodged from the system.

It also boosts our immunity. As per Dr. Jennifer Landa, a hormone therapy specialist, masturbation shoots up our cortisol levels. These stress hormones actually balance and bolster our immune system.

  • Orgasms help with insomnia.

It is best to have toe-curling orgasms than take sleeping pills if you can’t have a decent sleep. Research shows that 32 percent of women in the United States masturbate or have sex to get some sleep. This is because our body releases endorphins when we reach orgasms. These neurochemicals give off a sedative effect that makes us drowsy, and later on fall asleep.

  • Orgasms improve a woman’s mental health.

Researchers from the State University of New York in Albany illustrated that a man’s orgasm “makes a woman less depressed.”

Based on the study, women who had unprotected sex with men had scarcely any signs of depression in contrast to women who engaged in protected sex. However, scientists do not encourage unprotected sex.

  • Masturbation makes men “harder” and lasts longer.

As men get older, they lose their muscle tone down there. With regular masturbation or sex, their pelvic floor muscles get worked up. This averts erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

Moreover, self-pleasure can help men last longer in bed. Through masturbation, you can condition yourself on how long before you reach orgasm. For instance, if you can get off with 60 strokes, why not aim for 70 or 80?

There are a whole lot more advantages from pleasuring yourself. So the next time you reach your happy place, try not to feel guilty about it. Just think about the good things that it will do to your body.

Therapeutic Sex Relief: Real Therapy or Sham?

Studies have proven that sex presents various health benefits. For one, it amplifies the flow of a working roster of chemicals that improve or buttress the body’s immune system. Just like exercise, sex prompts blood circulation and picks up our cholesterol levels. But did you know that sex can be a form of therapy?

Healing Through Sex

When we engage in a sexual activity, our body releases oxytocin, a known cuddle hormone. According to research, women’s oxytocin levels are at peak when they are breastfeeding or giving birth. In the case of men, oxytocin is on the roof when they are involved with their partners or offspring.

During sex, the oxytocin surges with sensual touch, and is at its highest during orgasm. But what good does it bring? Research shows that the “cuddle hormones” foster a sense of well-being. It also lessens the stress we feel by lowering our cortisol levels. There are ongoing medical explorations on how oxytocin can be used in neuropathic treatment or in attenuating inflammatory pain.

Aside from oxytocin, our brain discharges endorphins. This hormone has a similar structure with morphine, thus attributed as our body’s natural pain reliever. After an awesome lovemaking session, we feel in raptures. Endorphins also work that way.

Spiritual Sexual Healing

Tantric sex is always associated with spiritual sexual healing. In this form of therapy, we help our body to reach orgasm without the usual penetration. What happens is that we center our chakras — our energy system — towards our pelvis towards the top of our head. We kind of just let the energy run into our bodies smoothly and naturally.

Moreover, it relinquishes the “sexpectation” and pressure when in bed. With this, couples can focus on their partners and not on the act itself. As a result, lovemaking is more intimate and fulfilling.

Sex and Touch Therapy

Sex is not all about reaching orgasms. It can also be shown through non-sexual gestures. For instance, holding your partner’s hand while sitting side by side exhibits your sexual desires to your partner. Despite the sexual tension, there’s no actual penetration.

One of the health wonders of this touch therapy is that it can lower your blood pressure. More so, studies suggest that it can boost our immune system. Stroking your partner gently can also take the edge off his/her pain.

weight loss programs that work - diet plan

Combining Proper Diet with Weight Loss Programs That Work, for UltimateWellness

In order to experience significant effects from any of the weight loss programs that work, you will have to execute proper diet plans in conjunction with the wellness and fitness activities. There are many types of these workout programs that are being advertised as the most effective. Yes they can be very effective, especially if they promote rigorous physical activities that will make you sweat and hence make you loss those excess fats.

But with these activities come hunger. The more physical activities you perform, the greater will also be your hunger. If you don’t control your hunger, your hard work will bring negligible effects that it will render your weight loss regimen as thoroughly unsatisfying. What’s worse, in this scenario,is if you temporarily stop from doing your physical activities you may gain weight faster than before you started your fitness track.

So, here are some helpful tips on how to distinguish the best workout plans and why proper diet is a primary factor in achieving your goals that you have set for yourself.

The Best Weight Loss Programs That Work? Those that You Will Follow Through

There is no one-fits-all program that will give the best results to anybody wishing to lose weight. What can be considered as the best weight loss program by one person may not necessarily be applicable to you. In all these confusions, and all the numerous workout plans that have been developed throughout these years, how do you determine the perfect workout plan for you?

The answer lies in the workout plan that you will sincerely follow through. If you think that a plan seems effective but do not have the spirit to do it all the way through, then you are still bound for failure no matter how scientists consider it the best plan among the rest.

Let’s face it, weight loss programs require commitment, passion, and most importantly time to take full effect. You will not achieve the perfect body you’ve been dreaming of overnight because those stubborn fats will not go away that easily. If you don’t physically do something to push those excess fats out of your body, you will never achieve your goals.

Whatever workout plans you decide to execute, remember that a strong mind-set should therefore be a very important trait in the beginning. It is crucial that you condition your mind to consider the possibilities of giving up halfway through so you can equip yourself with enough will and determination to really pull yourself up.

Choose a Workout Plan That Makes You Happy and Contented

Study the various workout plans offered to you and consider the physical activities involved. Will these activities make you happy? Will they make you wake up every day with a smile on your face?

It is of prime importance that you feel contented and experience a sense of satisfaction with every workout session so that you can really persevere. If the workout plan involves physical activities that are too hard for you to handle, then it may force you to impugn yourself and thereby lead to your low self-esteem. If it comes to this, then the workout would have eventually given you a negative effect. Alternatively, workout sessions with very easy physical activities may not challenge you enough.

Therefore, you will need to find the right balance between activities that are doable for your skills and abilities but are enough to challenge your body to push further. These things should provide you with ways on attaining maximum health for your body while targeting that physical appearance that you will be thoroughly proud of.

Primary Diet Goal: Cutting Back on Sugars and Carbs

After deciding which workout regimen suits your body’s needs, you will then need to implement proper diet in conjunction with the workout routine. This should start with cutting back on carbs.

The body’s primary energy source is carbohydrates, which you can get from eating sugars and starches. If there are not enough carbohydrates to burn, the body resorts to fats. In this instance, insulin, the body’s main storage hormone for fats will go down and fats will therefore have easier time to get out of fat stores so that it can be easily burned.

Another benefit of lowering insulin in the body is that the kidneys will shed excess sodium and water, which will help your body reduce bloating and prevent it from the storing unnecessary water which will also contribute to an increase in your weight.

This does not mean, however, that you will have to stay away from eating carbohydrates,since they are your body’s primary source of energy. What you should do then is to eat healthier types of carbohydrates in smaller amounts. Whole grains are healthier options for carbohydrates. Examples of these are: oats, sweet potatoes, taro, chickpeas, brown rice, bananas, chestnuts, low-fat yogurt, and brown rice.

Eat Protein, Healthy Fats, and Veggies

Every meal that you should take in will have to include sources of proteins, healthy fats, and veggies. This is a great way to lower your carb intake and bring it to the daily recommended 20-50 grams.

Eating proteins can help the body increase its metabolism and reduce its desire for late-night snacks. Protein sources include: beef, pork, chicken, and lamb for meats; salmon, shrimps, lobsters, and trout for seafood; eggs and fish for omega-3 sources.

You should not be afraid to eat fats, but choose those that are healthy options like olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, and tallow. Combining low-carb diet simultaneously with a low-fat diet will have disastrous results for your goals because it may cause you to feel miserable. You will eventually abandon your weight loss plan.

Eating lots of low-carb veggies will also boost your diet plan. These veggies will give you the body’s daily requirements for fibre, vitamins, and minerals. The best types of low-carb veggies include: kale, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, cucumber, Swiss chard, and celery.

Keeping a Food Diary

One of the best ways to keep track of the foods that you eat is by keeping a food diary. While you try to achieve your physical fitness goals for the day, you can also maintain your healthy diet by planning out which meals to eat daily. This is also a great way to add variety and flavours to your palate without breaking away from your healthy eating.

What is Ménière’s Disease?

Ménière’s disease is named after the French physician Prosper Ménière who first described this condition. It occurs in 1:1000 and 1:2000 of the population and can affect any age or sex. That being said, around 10 percent of those who have Ménière’s have a family history of this condition. In the United States, the National Institute in Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) reported that there are 45,500 new cases of Ménière’s disease yearly. Even though the causes of the disorder are still unidentified, factors such as pressure build-up of the fluid in the endolymphatic sac and allergens are considered to be playing a role in the progression of the disease.

Symptoms of Ménière’s Disease

The symptoms of Ménière’s disease differ from person-to-person. There are symptoms that manifest all of a sudden, although the prevalence and time span vary. According to The New York Times, the disorder has four main symptoms: hearing loss, nausea, tinnitus and vertigo.

  • Hearing Loss

Loss of hearing is a typical symptom of the disease. Usually, hearing loss occurs in the affected ear, although there are people who suffer hearing loss in both ears. In general, this symptom only happens temporarily, but it can be permanent over time.

Hearing loss can be treated by withdrawing some of the fluid in the tubes of the affected ear. In addition, diuretic medications and avoiding salty food and caffeinated and alcoholic beverages are suggested.

  • Nausea

Nausea comes along with dizziness. Those who have Ménière’s disease will feel sick to their stomach and may vomit. Even if nausea goes hand in hand with dizziness (which leads to vertigo), there is a possibility that only one symptom will be experienced by people who suffer from this condition.

  • Tinnitus

Tinnitus is described with “ringing, hissing, roaring, bussing, or whistling sounds” in the ear. This symptom causes discomfort and distraction, and experienced by people in varying severity and frequency. There are times that the symptom will attack and come with vertigo, hearing loss or a mixture of other symptoms.

  • Vertigo

Vertigo is characterized with a spinning or whirling sensation and can occur with severe nausea and vomiting. Vertigo is different from dizziness. The former is much problematic while the latter is more of lightheadedness.

People with Ménière’s disease can experience other signs and symptoms such as uncontrolled eye movements, diarrhea, cold sweats, feelings of fatigue, extreme mood changes and migraines.

Treating Ménière’s Disease

As of now, the disease in incurable; however, there are some treatments and lifestyle changes that can assuage the symptoms.

For long-term management of the disorder, a low-sodium diet is suggested. There are also prescriptions and medications available in controlling vertigo and other symptoms. Progressive muscle relaxation, Yoga and regular exercise can aid in distressing yourself.

hair loss treatment Melbourne

What is the Most Effective Hair Loss Treatment in Melbourne?

No permanent cure for hair loss has been discovered yet. So those suffering from this embarrassing condition will have to settle with what’s available, and most of which only bring temporary relief. Or, they can bring permanent cure after a long period of time and after a patient has shelled out large sums of money. So you may be wondering, what is the most effective hair loss treatment Melbourne, or the best treatment that is available in Australia? Well, this is a question that’s not easy to answer.

Hair Loss Treatment in Melbourne: The Best Way to Fight This Embarrassing Condition?

There are many hair loss treatments that are available on the market today. Their potency or efficacy will depend on several conditions. So consult with your doctor about any of these treatments to determine one that is most effective and will best suit to your specific requirements.

You can also consult Skin Club by contacting them at +1300 85 44 82 or emailing them through Skin Club is Melbourne’s most trusted cosmetic and skin clinic. It is composed of Melbourne’s expert cosmetic doctors who have the highest passion for holistic skin care. They offer only the best in hair loss technological advancement that is guaranteed to give the most satisfactory results.

Skin Club is an accredited clinic in providing the best platelet rich plasma or PRP hair loss treatment.In PRP, a patient suffering from hair loss is injected with plasma that is rich in platelets, which will promote hair regrowth. This specific hair loss treatment uses state-of-the-art technology and is scientifically proven to regrow the hair. Patients are therefore privileged to experience unparalleled results from the best cosmetic doctors and the best in modern technology if they choose Skin Club.

Here are other hair loss treatments available on the market today.

Drugs for Hair Loss

The most accessible treatments on the market today are anti-hair loss drugs. The generic names of the popular ones are ketoconazole, minoxidil, and finasteride.

Ketoconazole is the main ingredient found in the popular Nizoral shampoo. It is effective against fungal infections (or basically dandruff) that can cause hair fall. Minoxidil and finasteride are available in tablet forms, as well as in lotions and shampoos. They prevent hair loss by blocking the action of the enzymes that lead to hair fall.

Like with other regular drugs, these treatment types have their own side effects. Minoxidil, for example, may cause low blood pressure. Therefore, it is best to consult with your physician on which hair loss drugs are appropriate for your condition, especially if you currently have a serious illness.

Special Combs for Hair Regrowth

Also available are laser combs that basically stimulate an increase of blood flow to the scalp through combing, and thus promote hair growth. These laser combs work by supplying low intensity laser light to the affected scalp in order to nourish the scalp and therefore stimulate the hair follicles without damaging other surrounding healthy hairs. The downside to this treatment is that it is expensive.

Vitamins and Diet

Natural ways to regenerate healthy hair can also be achieved through proper diet. Vegetables and fruits are good sources of protein and calcium that will help in promoting hair growth. Water is also essential in stimulating the scalp to grow healthy hairs.

Hair growth vitamins and other pills are also available to take in conjunction with proper diet. These vitamins and minerals are usually safe to take with other anti-hair loss drugs. However, it is always better to consult with your doctor before you proceed so you can avoid certain medical complications and toxic overdose.

Hair Surgery and Transplants

Hair surgery involves taking donor tissues from areas of your scalp where there is thick hair growth and then using them on balding areas of the scalp where there is no hair growth.  This is a relatively quick procedure that only requires general anaesthesia without the need for hospital stay.

It is also possible to have more than one session of hair regeneration surgery in order to achieve the hair fullness that you want. Since there also needs to be healing time for every operation, the whole treatment may require a full year to complete.

In hair transplantation, the cosmetics surgeon usually cuts a strip of the patient’s scalp, either from the back or side of the head. Then the hair follicles from this strip of the scalp will be individually separated before each of the hair follicle will be inserted into the bald area of the patient’s head, such as in the crown and temples. In some cases, individual follicles are meticulously removed at the onset, instead of a strip of the scalp, before they are implanted onto the barren areas of the head.

Laser Therapy

Most cosmetics clinics offering hair loss treatment in Melbourne also offer laser therapy to stop the hair fall and eventually regrow them. Today, there are even handheld laser devices that you can use at home. However, there have been no significant findings to support that laser therapy handheld devices are indeed effective in preventing hair loss. Experiences with this device seem to vary with some people feeling that it worked, while others remarked that it made no improvement.

These handheld devices are available in various types and are required to use on a regular basis, usually 3-4 times every week for 10-15 minutes for every session. The more expensive models require less time than the cheaper ones. While it presents some nuisance, it is still more convenient than going to cosmetics clinics every time.

medical credentialing

The Importance of Medical Credentialing for Medical Professionals and Health Care Insurance Providers

Medical credentialing is the process of objectively evaluating the competency of a medical professional through validating the medical practitioner’s current licensures, trainings, experiences, and ability to perform health-related procedures and health care services in medical facilities they are working for. The results of the evaluation are then compared withthe standards set by the Credentialing Committee or the Medical Board of Australia. The health practitioners and hospitals are then informed of the final decision after a lengthy process.

Since the medical credentialing process is exhausting and time-consuming, many health care practitioners and insurance companies have turned to medical credentialing companies like Addval Inc. Addval Inc. has over 20 years of experience dealing with all types of requirements related to medical credentialing in any state across Australia.

Their solid background and expertise have put Addval Inc. among the leading medical credentialing companies in all of Australia. Currently, they are representing a diverse range of more than 5,000 clients. Visit to discover more about this extremely useful company and their range of packages that will suit any of your medical credentialing needs. Their packages include the following:

  • New Practice/Physician Package
  • Expanding Practice Package
  • Existing Practice Package
  • State Licence Package
  • Customised Credentialing Package

Importance of Medical Credentialing

If you are a health practitioner who is unsure whether to undergo the medical credentialing process, here are profound reasons why it is important to you, the health facilities you are affiliated with, including hospitals, clinics, and even health care insurance providers, but most importantly, to the patients.

It Preserves Patient Safety

Medical credentialing is the standard process that has been utilised by medical facilities and health insurance provider companies to ensure that the independent practitioners they are affiliated with are competent. This is important in enhancing the facilities’ credibility and reputation. When competency is ensured, the risk of medical malpractice and future liability from occurring is significantly reduced and patient safety is guaranteed.

Lowers the Risks of Medical Errors

Different states require different criteria in order to establish a legal claim of medical negligence. Generally, there are four things that an injured person, the claimant, can demonstrate to pursue a successful claim.

One, an injured patient must be able to prove negligence by the hospital in credentialing or granting privileges to a medical practitioner. Two, the injured patient must be able to prove that the doctor responsible was unfit or incompetent to perform the operation or medical procedure and should not have been allowed or granted privileges by the hospital. Three, it must also be proven that the medical practitioner demonstrated negligence in providing for patient care. Four, and lastly, that the injury was a result of the hospital’s negligence in credentialing.

If hospitals and other medical facilities are proven to be negligent, injured patients are given a viable legal claim, on top of the medical damage that it can inflict. By undergoing medical credentialing of their medical staff, hospitals and other medical facilities are reducing the risk of medical errors and preserve the high quality of patient care that they are obliged to provide.

It Promotes Trust

Doctors are relied upon by their patients to perform life-altering operations and decisions. So it is important for patients to be able to trust their doctors because they basically hold the life of their patients in their hands.

By ensuring that the medical practitioners undergo a medical credentialing process, the hospital or other medical facility can ensure to the patient that they can trust their medical staff. Patients trying to choose specific doctors to take care of them are looking for someone whom they can trust. The credentialing process is a stamp of authority that signifies which doctors are duly qualified to practice in their fields, are truly board-certified, and do not have a history of medical malpractice or any other unwanted medical professional circumstance.

To Ensure Updated Skills and Techniques Acquired by the Medical Professional

Most medical facilities require their doctors and health practitioners to have proven track records of recent medical practice experience. Being away from medical practice experience for, say, two years or more is detrimental in the credibility of the medical facility. Knowledge on current medical practice is an important trait that a doctor must possess because the medical field is always improving. Modern technological innovations and techniques are developed every year to facilitate more potent and quicker treatment implementations.

The medical credentialing process is utilised by medical facilities to verify that the medical practitioners affiliated with them have indeed knowledge and skills on current medical techniques and innovations. The results of the medical credentialing process are available only to hospitals and not to patients. Therefore, patients are forced to rely on hospitals to guarantee the competency of their doctors.

To Identify the Specific Specialisation

The credentialing process also confirms that a particular clinic or hospital has indeed the ability to provide medical professionals who are legally allowed to practice on a specialised medical scope. The medical field is a vast scope, and only those who have completed their specialisation can practice and perform medical procedure related to their specific scope.

It Indicatesthe Medical Practitioner’s Commitment to Professionalism

By agreeing to undergo a medical credentialing process, the medical professional is showing his or her confidence in his or her ability to perform medical procedure and provide quality health care service. It also indicates the medical practitioner’s desire to remain relevant in the modern setting of the medical field. It shows his or her professionalism and therefore deserves to be trusted by patients to provide high-quality health care.

It Confirms Competency of a Health Care Insurance Provider

The medical credentialing process is also vital for health care insurance companies because it cements their credibility and solid reputation. It symbolises their desire to for excellence because they only pair with medical practitioners who have authentic medical records, with medical educational background that have been verified from the primary sources (such as medical schools, hospitals where they devoted their residencies and fellowship trainings), with legitimate board certifications, and guaranteed strong past experiences in the medical field. This breeds trust among the health care insurance companies’ network of valued patrons.

babies health - cot mattress

Baby Health Care Tips For Rookies

Okay, let’s be honest. Being a parent has got to be the toughest job in the world. It doesn’t matter if one has been a parent for many years or a first-timer. Every child is unique. Different children have different needs. If you think health care only pertains to food, vitamins, and hygiene, it’s safe to assume that you may be new to the world of parenthood. More experienced parents know that choosing the right thing counts, from the clothes to the cot mattress, toiletries, furniture, even down to the toys and safety gates.

Sleeping Setup

Apart from what you feed your baby, where he or she sleeps in just has to rank first on the list of things which need very careful consideration. Babies’ developing bodies rely heavily, if not fully, on the amount of rest and sleep they get. If you don’t know where to start, you can work on getting to know your options. Having a knowledge of at least the basics will lead you to the right direction. For instance, there are different kinds of material used in a baby cot. Study each of them so that you can pick out the one that is best for your baby.

Feeding Setup

There is a pretty logical why reason the high chair is invented. And no, it’s not because babies are too tiny to reach food from the dining table. In fact, the way they are structured, from every angle, is well thought of for the safety of both baby and the adult feeding him or her. Babies tend to move a lot during feeding time and their movements are very unpredictable. The high chair has its own tray attached in front so that baby’s food can be placed on it, away from any breakable or anything that might spill on the dining table.

Play Setup

When choosing kids’ furniture or play pen objects, don’t buy something just because you are drawn to its color or design. You liking its appearance may have nothing to do with what good it can provide for your baby, or if your baby will appreciate it as you did. Better yet, if he or she will ever notice it at all. You want to make sure that having it around is purposeful. If you find something that is useful, has a reasonable price, and looks cute, why not?

Why Baby’s Environment Contributes to Health Care

Health, although mostly about the physical aspect, isn’t limited to just the body. Mental and emotional health are also very important. It is especially important to care for all these aspects during the early stages of development. We know the vitality of the surroundings being clean so that diseases and infections can be prevented. In the same way, sleeping and play setups need extra planning and maintenance so that accidents can be avoided.

There is no cheat sheet in being a parent. But, there is also no such thing as a perfect parent. So, the best thing to do is to allow the experience to teach you, learn a little more every day. You can become the best parent by wanting the best for your baby alone.

website health check


Like your human workforce, the health status of your business website is also crucial in helping to break into your target market online. The benefits of a stable, strong website health cannot be stressed enough in the increasingly competitive world of internet marketing where more websites have appeared in the same industry as yours.

This surge in the number of business websites has also led search engines (SEs), such as the king of SEs, Google, to constantly update their algorithm in an effort to “level the playing field” and present more “systematic” results. Google boosts the ranking on their search results for websites that follow their rules and gives penalties to those who don’t. The cost of a Google penalty recovery can require minimum work and expenses for minor damage, but can also demand a more extensive repair lasting up to months or even years to fully achieve!

Why Maximum Health for Your Business Website Is More Important

If you think the Google penalty recovery route is inevitable, then think again. A better alternative to preparing for a Google penalty is to make sure that your business has a strong website health all the time. This allows you to deflect current and future Google algorithm changes, which is unpredictable, at a lot less expense in both time and money.

How Google specifically chooses which websites to present during a search input is entirely unknown. However, SEO experts have noticed some important elements that are now key factors in gauging whether your website is healthy to Search Engines or not.

Important Elements of a Healthy Website

Here are some factors to consider when evaluating your company’s website health for search engines.

Your Homepage

Start with an important element that weighs heavily on classifying your website as an authority in your industry, and that is your website’s homepage. It does not matter if your homepage is http://www.yourwebsite or http://yourwebsite, but it should never be both. If it is then you are presenting two homepages of the same website to Google, which essentially is a case of duplicate content that can lead to the dilution of your ranking on Google and will hurt your website health.

Your Sitemap

Your website’s sitemap is a file listing of all the web pages within your websites and it tells both search engines and website users all the contents of your website. Keep your sitemap updated. Fix broken links and other errors so that Google can easily crawl and index new web pages. To achieve a good website health, know the importance of XML and HTML sitemaps and apply their purposes. The former is targeted for SE crawlers, while the latter allows your potential customers to navigate around your website with ease.

Your On-Site Content

Keep a regular check on what you put into your website. Updated fresh content can help you rank high on Google and can also promote re-visits from potential customers. So that Google can easily recognise newly added content on your website, use keywords related to your industry and spread them evenly throughout your web pages. This is a bit tricky and must be used wisely because over-stuffing keywords can also mean a Google penalty.

Your Backlinks

Google algorithm is now wittier and knows that not all backlinks are of equal in value. For your business to attain a good website health, you must keep only quality websites that link to your own. Link Detox Service has been introduced to help with this dilemma. Link Detox Service is a tool that searches through your backlinks and classifies them into three categories: toxic, suspicious, and healthy. It then enables you to purge backlinks that are damaging to your website, which ultimately speeds up your Google penalty recovery.

Check the Popularity of Your Website on Social Media

You also need to be popular and be talked about on social media in order to increase your ranking on Google and boost your website health. Aim to dominate your market in major social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Maintain Your Business Website’s Health at Optimum Best

Those are only a few of the many factors needed to improve the health of your business website. Invest in a team of online marketing experts so you can start taking your business website to its full potential. This way you can also continue to maintain the optimum website health of your business, which is important because everything will be worthless if discontinued.

Enrich yourself too with regular updates, including new tools that will prove time and money savers, such as the Link Detox Service. While no tool has been proven perfect, a new marketing tool deserves to be studied and tested for efficiency. They might prove useful in helping you earn millions for a few dollars spent.

Day Spa-Themed Retirement Villages: Holistic Luxury for the Wealthy

Each and every one of us will reach a certain point where we won’t be able to do our everyday tasks that we are capable of unlike before. Aging is a natural phenomenon which no one can escape. With that being said, this does not stop the aging community to enjoy the remaining years of their lives. In fact, they are able to relax even more than before due to work and other related concerns. The time is indeed right for them to reap the fruits of their hard earned effort and success. For such cases, finding a suitable retirement home becomes necessary as this allows them enjoy life fully without a care in the world.

Imagine being 90-years-old but still is able to enjoy a health-giving of Thai massage for an hour every day – you’d sure feel like you’re going to make it to 100. That is what you will be expecting in a Day Spa-Themed Retirement Village. A holistic luxury for the wealthy, as some may call it and this is indeed very true as seniors are able to receive proper care and pamper on a regular day to day basis. What’s more is that they can ask for a wide variety of massage at their own accord.

Day Spas are sought after by a huge number of individuals as they are able to relieve stress and fatigue in an effective and timely manner. Of course, due to time constraints and other related activities, not everyone is able to relax and unwind in a day spa as often as they like. Such is not that case as this is different when it comes to a day spa-themed retirement village. Imagine what benefits such therapy can do for seniors especially when done to them as often as they please? Well you can expect them to become as lively and relaxed as ever especially with the environment that is provided to them.

A day spa-themed retirement village does indeed look and sound good. With that being said, others may find such accommodation to be a little bit expensive especially with their overall budget allocation. Naturally no service is rendered free of charge and if you want a premium or luxurious accommodation then you should be willing to shed off a good amount of cash. The same can also be said with regards to retirement villages that you can find today. Having said that, this should be of little to no issue at all especially to those who are running self-managed superannuation funds. With its help, it is much easier to secure and plan for one’s future giving the aging community several options to choose from with regards to a retirement home of their choice which of course, includes the day spa-themed retirement village.

Getting your self-managed superannuation funds under your control means you’re more likely to be able to afford to live in a day spa retirement village. This in turn, makes it much easier to welcome retirement as a whole. Starting self-managed superannuation funds as early as possible is oftentimes recommended as such investments will yield wonderful benefits particularly to those who are nearing their retirement. Make sure that you are taking the necessary steps in managing you superannuation funds today.