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Can Regular Masturbation and Orgasm be Healthy?

One may think that pleasuring thyself is an unconventional relaxation idea. But science proves that regular masturbation and plenty of orgasms present numerous health benefits.

If you are going to ask Dr. Gloria Brame, a clinical sexologist, “masturbation is a part of healthy sex life.” In fact, it has become an integral part of our everyday life. An online poll shows that 27 percent of Americans masturbate at least once a week.

Masturbation is a pleasurable and a wonderful means of exploring yourself physically. It is, in fact, more than a toe-curling orgasmic experience. “Loving ourselves” is said to be good to our physical and mental health, relationships and general satisfaction.

Why Masturbation and Orgasm are Good for You

  • Masturbation prevents cancer and boosts our immunity.

According to Australian scientists, men who get off for at least five times per week are “a third less likely to develop prostate cancer.” When men ejaculate, the disease-causing toxins that accumulate in the urogenital tract are dislodged from the system.

It also boosts our immunity. As per Dr. Jennifer Landa, a hormone therapy specialist, masturbation shoots up our cortisol levels. These stress hormones actually balance and bolster our immune system.

  • Orgasms help with insomnia.

It is best to have toe-curling orgasms than take sleeping pills if you can’t have a decent sleep. Research shows that 32 percent of women in the United States masturbate or have sex to get some sleep. This is because our body releases endorphins when we reach orgasms. These neurochemicals give off a sedative effect that makes us drowsy, and later on fall asleep.

  • Orgasms improve a woman’s mental health.

Researchers from the State University of New York in Albany illustrated that a man’s orgasm “makes a woman less depressed.”

Based on the study, women who had unprotected sex with men had scarcely any signs of depression in contrast to women who engaged in protected sex. However, scientists do not encourage unprotected sex.

  • Masturbation makes men “harder” and lasts longer.

As men get older, they lose their muscle tone down there. With regular masturbation or sex, their pelvic floor muscles get worked up. This averts erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

Moreover, self-pleasure can help men last longer in bed. Through masturbation, you can condition yourself on how long before you reach orgasm. For instance, if you can get off with 60 strokes, why not aim for 70 or 80?

There are a whole lot more advantages from pleasuring yourself. So the next time you reach your happy place, try not to feel guilty about it. Just think about the good things that it will do to your body.

Therapeutic Sex Relief: Real Therapy or Sham?

Studies have proven that sex presents various health benefits. For one, it amplifies the flow of a working roster of chemicals that improve or buttress the body’s immune system. Just like exercise, sex prompts blood circulation and picks up our cholesterol levels. But did you know that sex can be a form of therapy?

Healing Through Sex

When we engage in a sexual activity, our body releases oxytocin, a known cuddle hormone. According to research, women’s oxytocin levels are at peak when they are breastfeeding or giving birth. In the case of men, oxytocin is on the roof when they are involved with their partners or offspring.

During sex, the oxytocin surges with sensual touch, and is at its highest during orgasm. But what good does it bring? Research shows that the “cuddle hormones” foster a sense of well-being. It also lessens the stress we feel by lowering our cortisol levels. There are ongoing medical explorations on how oxytocin can be used in neuropathic treatment or in attenuating inflammatory pain.

Aside from oxytocin, our brain discharges endorphins. This hormone has a similar structure with morphine, thus attributed as our body’s natural pain reliever. After an awesome lovemaking session, we feel in raptures. Endorphins also work that way.

Spiritual Sexual Healing

Tantric sex is always associated with spiritual sexual healing. In this form of therapy, we help our body to reach orgasm without the usual penetration. What happens is that we center our chakras — our energy system — towards our pelvis towards the top of our head. We kind of just let the energy run into our bodies smoothly and naturally.

Moreover, it relinquishes the “sexpectation” and pressure when in bed. With this, couples can focus on their partners and not on the act itself. As a result, lovemaking is more intimate and fulfilling.

Sex and Touch Therapy

Sex is not all about reaching orgasms. It can also be shown through non-sexual gestures. For instance, holding your partner’s hand while sitting side by side exhibits your sexual desires to your partner. Despite the sexual tension, there’s no actual penetration.

One of the health wonders of this touch therapy is that it can lower your blood pressure. More so, studies suggest that it can boost our immune system. Stroking your partner gently can also take the edge off his/her pain.

weight loss programs that work - diet plan

Combining Proper Diet with Weight Loss Programs That Work, for UltimateWellness

In order to experience significant effects from any of the weight loss programs that work, you will have to execute proper diet plans in conjunction with the wellness and fitness activities. There are many types of these workout programs that are being advertised as the most effective. Yes they can be very effective, especially if they promote rigorous physical activities that will make you sweat and hence make you loss those excess fats.

But with these activities come hunger. The more physical activities you perform, the greater will also be your hunger. If you don’t control your hunger, your hard work will bring negligible effects that it will render your weight loss regimen as thoroughly unsatisfying. What’s worse, in this scenario,is if you temporarily stop from doing your physical activities you may gain weight faster than before you started your fitness track.

So, here are some helpful tips on how to distinguish the best workout plans and why proper diet is a primary factor in achieving your goals that you have set for yourself.

The Best Weight Loss Programs That Work? Those that You Will Follow Through

There is no one-fits-all program that will give the best results to anybody wishing to lose weight. What can be considered as the best weight loss program by one person may not necessarily be applicable to you. In all these confusions, and all the numerous workout plans that have been developed throughout these years, how do you determine the perfect workout plan for you?

The answer lies in the workout plan that you will sincerely follow through. If you think that a plan seems effective but do not have the spirit to do it all the way through, then you are still bound for failure no matter how scientists consider it the best plan among the rest.

Let’s face it, weight loss programs require commitment, passion, and most importantly time to take full effect. You will not achieve the perfect body you’ve been dreaming of overnight because those stubborn fats will not go away that easily. If you don’t physically do something to push those excess fats out of your body, you will never achieve your goals.

Whatever workout plans you decide to execute, remember that a strong mind-set should therefore be a very important trait in the beginning. It is crucial that you condition your mind to consider the possibilities of giving up halfway through so you can equip yourself with enough will and determination to really pull yourself up.

Choose a Workout Plan That Makes You Happy and Contented

Study the various workout plans offered to you and consider the physical activities involved. Will these activities make you happy? Will they make you wake up every day with a smile on your face?

It is of prime importance that you feel contented and experience a sense of satisfaction with every workout session so that you can really persevere. If the workout plan involves physical activities that are too hard for you to handle, then it may force you to impugn yourself and thereby lead to your low self-esteem. If it comes to this, then the workout would have eventually given you a negative effect. Alternatively, workout sessions with very easy physical activities may not challenge you enough.

Therefore, you will need to find the right balance between activities that are doable for your skills and abilities but are enough to challenge your body to push further. These things should provide you with ways on attaining maximum health for your body while targeting that physical appearance that you will be thoroughly proud of.

Primary Diet Goal: Cutting Back on Sugars and Carbs

After deciding which workout regimen suits your body’s needs, you will then need to implement proper diet in conjunction with the workout routine. This should start with cutting back on carbs.

The body’s primary energy source is carbohydrates, which you can get from eating sugars and starches. If there are not enough carbohydrates to burn, the body resorts to fats. In this instance, insulin, the body’s main storage hormone for fats will go down and fats will therefore have easier time to get out of fat stores so that it can be easily burned.

Another benefit of lowering insulin in the body is that the kidneys will shed excess sodium and water, which will help your body reduce bloating and prevent it from the storing unnecessary water which will also contribute to an increase in your weight.

This does not mean, however, that you will have to stay away from eating carbohydrates,since they are your body’s primary source of energy. What you should do then is to eat healthier types of carbohydrates in smaller amounts. Whole grains are healthier options for carbohydrates. Examples of these are: oats, sweet potatoes, taro, chickpeas, brown rice, bananas, chestnuts, low-fat yogurt, and brown rice.

Eat Protein, Healthy Fats, and Veggies

Every meal that you should take in will have to include sources of proteins, healthy fats, and veggies. This is a great way to lower your carb intake and bring it to the daily recommended 20-50 grams.

Eating proteins can help the body increase its metabolism and reduce its desire for late-night snacks. Protein sources include: beef, pork, chicken, and lamb for meats; salmon, shrimps, lobsters, and trout for seafood; eggs and fish for omega-3 sources.

You should not be afraid to eat fats, but choose those that are healthy options like olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, and tallow. Combining low-carb diet simultaneously with a low-fat diet will have disastrous results for your goals because it may cause you to feel miserable. You will eventually abandon your weight loss plan.

Eating lots of low-carb veggies will also boost your diet plan. These veggies will give you the body’s daily requirements for fibre, vitamins, and minerals. The best types of low-carb veggies include: kale, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, cucumber, Swiss chard, and celery.

Keeping a Food Diary

One of the best ways to keep track of the foods that you eat is by keeping a food diary. While you try to achieve your physical fitness goals for the day, you can also maintain your healthy diet by planning out which meals to eat daily. This is also a great way to add variety and flavours to your palate without breaking away from your healthy eating.

Which Presidential Candidate Will Best Protect America’s Health?


Healthcare is a basic right. American health care system cost over 3 trillion dollars in 2014 and it is projected to increase to 4.5 trillion in 2019. Healthcare cost is consistently increasing faster than the economy as a whole. It continues to grow faster particularly on the consumer level faster than the family income. Nearly 47 million lack health insurance, two-thirds of them have income below 200% of the federal poverty level. Most of them are families with a worker that do not have health coverage through an employer. Health insurance is clearly not affordable by families who must purchase it on their own. Even Americans who have health insurance face affordability problems in paying for their health insurance and health care.

A study made by the American Journal of Medicine in 2007 found that approximately 62% of all personal bankruptcies were related to medical bills. 78% of them have health insurance yet went bankrupt due to gaps in coverage such as deductibles, co-payments and uncovered services. Some of them have private insurance but they went ill that they lost their business and lost their insurance. More and more Americans fall into debt and need to ask for a loan from lenders like the ACM debt group to help settle their medical bills.

The Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare that was passed in 2010 curbs the rate of growth in healthcare spending, yet it also adds additional spending. Health care reform is the first step toward fixing the health care problem. Healthcare has been a major issue in many political campaigns in the last of the four elections. American voters need detailed and effective plans of presidential candidates on how to deal with the realities of health care. Let’s take a look on the 2016 candidates’ stance on health care to learn which presidential candidate will best protect America’s health:

Hillary Clinton
Clinton defends the ACA against the efforts to repeal it but will promote incremental reforms. She’ll build on it to expand affordable coverage while slowly decreasing the overall health care costs. She proposed capping out-of-pocket drug costs like copays and deductibles. She believes that workers have to share in slower growth of health care spending through lower costs. She advocates Medicare drug price negotiation for high cost prescription drugs. Hillary would allow drug importation from other countries to lower the cost. She proposes to give $5,000 tax credit to families with very high medical costs. She plans on transforming the health care system to reward value and quality.

Bernie Sanders
Sanders calls for a single-payer national health insurance system in which the state and federal government pay for health care services. He vows to replace the ACA with a government-run Medicare for all program. His plan will cover the entire health care from inpatient to outpatient care, preventive to emergency care, primary to specialty care which include including long-term and palliative care; hearing, vision,  and oral health care; mental health and substance abuse services; as well as prescription medications, diagnostics, treatments medical equipment and supplies. He also plans to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. He would allow drug importation from other countries to have generic competition and lower prices.

Donald Trump
Trump will repeal the ACA and plans to replace it with something better which lack specificity. He wants to keep the ACA’s rules which mandate that people can purchase insurance even with “pre-existing conditions. He will allow people to purchase insurance across state lines. He has a seven-point plan for health care reform based on free market principles to bring in competition. He would allow the importation of cheaper drugs from other countries. He also proposes the use of tax-preferred health savings accounts to save money that is exempt from estate taxes.

Whoever takes the seat in the oval office next January, health care should be the top priority. He needs to provide more details of his proposed health care plans and how he plans to achieve it. He needs to explain his positions and how the government can answer the health care problem of the nation. He also needs to see the importance of educating the public to be smarter healthcare consumers. His government should pursue policies that lead to more sustainable healthcare systems that will greatly benefit the American people.