Remedial Massage: Relaxation Is Vital To Rejuvenation

Remedial-Massage-Relaxation-Is-Vital-To-RejuvenationStress not only impairs creativity but also literally kills. Experts estimate that more than 90% of diseases are stress related. Many people have some stress related illness. And nothing ages us faster externally and internally than high stress. The modern lifestyle trends, longer working hours, sitting in sedentary position, stress in beating deadlines and less time to relax. All these factors contribute to stress build-up in the body. When stress is being thrown our way, relaxation helps to look after our health. We need to relax because there is a strong connection between relaxation and our mental and physical health. Relaxation is vital to rejuvenation and restoring youthful vigour. Stress relief can improve vitality and state of mind. And it starts with looking after our body and mind.

Relaxation is an important part of a healthy lifestyle because it rejuvenates our body and mind, improves memory function and regulates mood. Not getting enough rest can negatively affect our mood, stress level, memory and immune system. Relaxation means letting go and disconnecting from the source of our stress. It can be hard to find the time to relax when our brain is racing with different things to do. But relaxation doesn’t have to be associated with weekends and vacations. Seeking help from an experience masseuse can help to relieve stress and give the feeling of complete relaxation. A good massage relieves stress by releasing pressure build up and tension.

Research continues to show the enormous benefits of massage which range from alleviating the tensions of modern lifestyle, treating neurological disorders and chronic diseases. Massage is a great way to relieve stress, enhance energy flow and recharge the body and mind. Massage performed with oils and select herbs rejuvenates the skin and exfoliates dead cells. The skin becomes more supple, look younger and emit evident glow.

Massage offers a drug-free non-invasive approach to the body’s natural healing ability. Remedial massage makes use of different techniques to diagnose tissue damage and repair the damage caused to the muscles, tendons and joints. It enhances the body’s natural defense and repair mechanism. The common conditions that can be treated with remedial massage include arthritis, frozen shoulder, Achilles injury, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injuries, spondylitis, muscular atrophy, whiplash, sports and dancing injuries. Find remedial massages for effective treatment of recent injuries as well as chronic or old injuries. It makes use of oils for lubrication and applied directly on the skin. Medicinal oils complement the treatment and have anti-inflammatory properties that bring relief. Massage has a cumulative therapeutic effect, therefore the more often you receive a massage, the better you feel and the more quickly your body heals.

Massage help improves physical and mental health while erotic massage can also refresh the mind after each session. Sensual massage is probably one of the most fulfilling kinds of physical therapy for relaxation. Erotic massages involve naked bodies to enable the body and mind to relax in a way that regular massage does not. It reduces stress and tension or anxiety of the body making the mind clamer. Different strokes are used in this therapy to not only stimulate the libido but also gain health benefits. Erotic massage releases different hormones like oxytocin, progesterone and testosterone causing the muscles and the mind to relax. It also improves circulation and blood flow which can improve flexibility.

A complete massage helps to release build-up of pressure and tension. Regular massage is good for relaxation and vital to rejuvenation. Budget time and money for this relaxing therapy and invest in your health. Getting regular massage can help you alleviate stress of daily life and improve your overall wellness and health. Take part on this form of regular scheduled self-care to see how healthy you’ll be and how youthful you will look with each passing year.

website health check


Like your human workforce, the health status of your business website is also crucial in helping to break into your target market online. The benefits of a stable, strong website health cannot be stressed enough in the increasingly competitive world of internet marketing where more websites have appeared in the same industry as yours.

This surge in the number of business websites has also led search engines (SEs), such as the king of SEs, Google, to constantly update their algorithm in an effort to “level the playing field” and present more “systematic” results. Google boosts the ranking on their search results for websites that follow their rules and gives penalties to those who don’t. The cost of a Google penalty recovery can require minimum work and expenses for minor damage, but can also demand a more extensive repair lasting up to months or even years to fully achieve!

Why Maximum Health for Your Business Website Is More Important

If you think the Google penalty recovery route is inevitable, then think again. A better alternative to preparing for a Google penalty is to make sure that your business has a strong website health all the time. This allows you to deflect current and future Google algorithm changes, which is unpredictable, at a lot less expense in both time and money.

How Google specifically chooses which websites to present during a search input is entirely unknown. However, SEO experts have noticed some important elements that are now key factors in gauging whether your website is healthy to Search Engines or not.

Important Elements of a Healthy Website

Here are some factors to consider when evaluating your company’s website health for search engines.

Your Homepage

Start with an important element that weighs heavily on classifying your website as an authority in your industry, and that is your website’s homepage. It does not matter if your homepage is http://www.yourwebsite or http://yourwebsite, but it should never be both. If it is then you are presenting two homepages of the same website to Google, which essentially is a case of duplicate content that can lead to the dilution of your ranking on Google and will hurt your website health.

Your Sitemap

Your website’s sitemap is a file listing of all the web pages within your websites and it tells both search engines and website users all the contents of your website. Keep your sitemap updated. Fix broken links and other errors so that Google can easily crawl and index new web pages. To achieve a good website health, know the importance of XML and HTML sitemaps and apply their purposes. The former is targeted for SE crawlers, while the latter allows your potential customers to navigate around your website with ease.

Your On-Site Content

Keep a regular check on what you put into your website. Updated fresh content can help you rank high on Google and can also promote re-visits from potential customers. So that Google can easily recognise newly added content on your website, use keywords related to your industry and spread them evenly throughout your web pages. This is a bit tricky and must be used wisely because over-stuffing keywords can also mean a Google penalty.

Your Backlinks

Google algorithm is now wittier and knows that not all backlinks are of equal in value. For your business to attain a good website health, you must keep only quality websites that link to your own. Link Detox Service has been introduced to help with this dilemma. Link Detox Service is a tool that searches through your backlinks and classifies them into three categories: toxic, suspicious, and healthy. It then enables you to purge backlinks that are damaging to your website, which ultimately speeds up your Google penalty recovery.

Check the Popularity of Your Website on Social Media

You also need to be popular and be talked about on social media in order to increase your ranking on Google and boost your website health. Aim to dominate your market in major social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Maintain Your Business Website’s Health at Optimum Best

Those are only a few of the many factors needed to improve the health of your business website. Invest in a team of online marketing experts so you can start taking your business website to its full potential. This way you can also continue to maintain the optimum website health of your business, which is important because everything will be worthless if discontinued.

Enrich yourself too with regular updates, including new tools that will prove time and money savers, such as the Link Detox Service. While no tool has been proven perfect, a new marketing tool deserves to be studied and tested for efficiency. They might prove useful in helping you earn millions for a few dollars spent.

employee wellbeing

Promoting Wellness in Asia

Work in Asia can have either a negative or positive impact on people’s health and well being. Basically, well motivated and healthy employees in Asia can usually have a positive impact on the productivity as well as effectiveness of your business. Responsibility for health and wellbeing at work belongs to both employees and employers. The key factors which can determine whether the workers will have a negative or positive relationship with work are:

  • The relationship between the managers and the employees
  • Whether the workers are involved in organizational decisions and issues
  • Job design
  • Acceptability and availability of flexible working
  • Awareness of the occupational health issues

Tips on How to Improve Employees’ Well Being

Here are the tips to put into consideration if you want to improve your Employee wellbeing:

Things you’ll Require

  • Safety Committee
  • Safety report
  • Ergonomic furnishings consultant
  • Healthy Eating program
  • Smoking cessation program

Tip#1: Banning Smoking:

First and foremost, it is important that if you’re an employer you ban smoking on the working environment. Research has proved that the continent with the highest number of smokers in the world is Asia. Create and implement some programs which provide reimbursement of qualified smoking cessation therapy like nicotine replacement. This will encourage your employers to kick the habit.

Tip#2: Healthy Eating Habit:

Encourage your employees to follow healthy eating habits by setting a good example. For instance, you can remove machines which are filled with beverages and snacks with high calories or low nutritional value from your workplace. It’s ideal that you consider enrolling in your workplace a fresh fruit delivery program so that there is always availability of healthy snacks to the employees.

Tip#3: Selecting Ergonomic Furnishings:

Enlist the assistance of any Asian consultant to help in selecting ergonomic furnishings in your workplace, including workstations and chairs. It’s recommended that you host severally a voluntary seminar on ergonomics for the interested workers. Distribute gel filled mouse pads and wrist rests to prevent workers with heavy computer usage from suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tip#4: Free On- site Health Screenings:

Conduct free on- site health screenings for workers. Cholesterol and blood pressure screenings held in your workplace will give the workers who are not seeking preventive screenings to have the chance to do so without any inconvenience.

Tip#5: Coming with Get- fit Challenge in Workplace:

At any given time, most employees will always like to be fitter than before. To assist your employees along the path, it’s ideal that you set up an office get- fit challenge. For instance, you can invite your workers to participate in a three- month fitness program that will assist them lose a specific weight amount or revamp their eating habits.

You can also set a date for a workout competition, organize training and exercise groups for support and bring in an expert to assist in designing individual training programs.Look for an expert who is fit to offer training programs such as Kungfu and Taichi tactics as these are most commonly practiced workouts by Asian people.

Tip#6: Rewarding Employees:

Those employees who emerge victors in the workout competitions should be rewarded with different gifts. This will motivate them to always work hard in matters pertaining fitness and in the long run you’ll have improved their wellbeing. For instance, employees who emerge victors can be taken to some of the best restaurants in Asia to enjoy their meals there together with their family members.

A healthy workplace will improve the employers and employees’ wellbeing and productivity in the long run.

Last, but not least, make use of the aforementioned tips to improve your employees’ wellbeing since they’ll really contribute to improving the performance of your business in Asia.

Day Spa-Themed Retirement Villages: Holistic Luxury for the Wealthy

Each and every one of us will reach a certain point where we won’t be able to do our everyday tasks that we are capable of unlike before. Aging is a natural phenomenon which no one can escape. With that being said, this does not stop the aging community to enjoy the remaining years of their lives. In fact, they are able to relax even more than before due to work and other related concerns. The time is indeed right for them to reap the fruits of their hard earned effort and success. For such cases, finding a suitable retirement home becomes necessary as this allows them enjoy life fully without a care in the world.

Imagine being 90-years-old but still is able to enjoy a health-giving of Thai massage for an hour every day – you’d sure feel like you’re going to make it to 100. That is what you will be expecting in a Day Spa-Themed Retirement Village. A holistic luxury for the wealthy, as some may call it and this is indeed very true as seniors are able to receive proper care and pamper on a regular day to day basis. What’s more is that they can ask for a wide variety of massage at their own accord.

Day Spas are sought after by a huge number of individuals as they are able to relieve stress and fatigue in an effective and timely manner. Of course, due to time constraints and other related activities, not everyone is able to relax and unwind in a day spa as often as they like. Such is not that case as this is different when it comes to a day spa-themed retirement village. Imagine what benefits such therapy can do for seniors especially when done to them as often as they please? Well you can expect them to become as lively and relaxed as ever especially with the environment that is provided to them.

A day spa-themed retirement village does indeed look and sound good. With that being said, others may find such accommodation to be a little bit expensive especially with their overall budget allocation. Naturally no service is rendered free of charge and if you want a premium or luxurious accommodation then you should be willing to shed off a good amount of cash. The same can also be said with regards to retirement villages that you can find today. Having said that, this should be of little to no issue at all especially to those who are running self-managed superannuation funds. With its help, it is much easier to secure and plan for one’s future giving the aging community several options to choose from with regards to a retirement home of their choice which of course, includes the day spa-themed retirement village.

Getting your self-managed superannuation funds under your control means you’re more likely to be able to afford to live in a day spa retirement village. This in turn, makes it much easier to welcome retirement as a whole. Starting self-managed superannuation funds as early as possible is oftentimes recommended as such investments will yield wonderful benefits particularly to those who are nearing their retirement. Make sure that you are taking the necessary steps in managing you superannuation funds today.

Day Spa Furniture: Vital To A Sense of Luxury

Spa is the perfect place to unwind and relax as you relieve your exhaustion and stress away that was accumulated over the course of time. It is important for individuals to feel comfortable and at ease during their relaxation time at the spa. For that matter, it is important to provide clients with a suitable environment and a feeling of comfort and style. Day Spa furniture plays a very important role in providing that vital sense of luxury to their customers on every visit. Let us consider what you will find in modern day spa furniture.

For starters, the reception area seating which are basically the very first things which clients will notice will need to give off that sense of luxury straight up. Luxurious as well as comfy chairs are the perfect mix and combination providing the best of both worlds.

 Next is the reception desk which needs to be prestigious, yet pen and inviting. You want to impress your clients from the get go and every little or minor detail will certainly not go unnoticed. This is why computers should be an Apple Mac, latest model.

You don’t want your clients to see old computers running your establishment as this can affect how they will personally view your day spa. Furthermore, Apple computers give off that sophisticated and stylish feeling. The brand itself is also very recognizable to a huge number of individuals giving it quite a large following.

Hallway tables should have shelving for storing towels and other thing e.g. essential oil burners. As your clients await their appointment, coffee tables are necessary giving them some time to enjoy a sip of coffee or read the paper.

For rooms, it needs to be of highest quality possible and ample enough to render service to a number of clients at the same time. 5 or 6 massage tables are adequate enough making the line shorter for clients.

Aside from furniture, art also contributes greatly in giving that luxurious feeling which can be a very good time sinker for your clients as they wait for their turn.

Last but not the least is the curtains of the massage rooms and one need to be careful about the color choices with regards this particular furniture piece. For instance, luxury colours such as crimson might give male clients the wrong idea about the services that you provide which may put them off. For such cases, it would be to go for neutral tones or more spiritual colours e.g. orange, purple or green.

There are still a lot of options to choose from with regards to modern day spa furniture. Aside from style and luxury, it is important to not forget about the most important feature about furniture and this is with the comfort that they provide. Even though a piece of furniture gives off the luxurious, not providing comfort will render them basically useless. Striking a good measure of balance between comfort and style makes acquiring using such furniture all the more worth it.

Make your clients feel a great deal of entitlement with the services that you are providing. Turn the overall Day Spa into a completely unforgettable experience by giving your clients good service as well as great furniture for them to make use of.

Day Spa Treatments a Luxury for the Wealthy

Day-Spa-Treatments-a-Luxury-for-the-WealthyIn the early days, the very rich would retreat to a special town of Spa in Belgium to take a break from their busy lives. Historically, spas began when people started to soaking themselves in hot mineral springs thousands of years ago. Spas were famous for their healing qualities and it’s the place where the rich luxuriate in. The spa world has changed with time; today beauty spa treatments for the skin and body are important luxuries that the rich indulge in.

A day spa provides a variety of services for health improvement, beauty and relaxation. Most common spa treatments are massage, facials and body treatments. Day spa offers an exclusive on a day-use basis unlike resort spa or destination spa where you can spend the night. Day spas come in different range of styles and personalities, from intimate small village day spa to sprawling villas with hydrotherapy tubs, special showers and elaborate spa menu.

Here are some of the most expensive spa treatments in the world that offer good health, beauty and relaxation.
1. Aroma-listic day spa pedicure slathers the feet with white chocolate strawberry truffle and massage for $200.
2. Good luck ritual uses the principle of Feng Shui to harmonize the body. Cost: $250.
3. Elysian cleans a classic spa treatment that includes water therapy, exfoliation and skin renewing followed by marine massage. Cost: $300.
4. UMO 24 karat gold facial for skin hydration. Cost: $400
5. Royal treatment includes soaking in bath oils and rose petals, body scrub of red wine followed by hand massage. Cost: $451.
6. Caviar conditioner is the most refreshing hair treatment that gives hair a moisture-rich look. Cost: $400.
7. Microablation and triphasic combination facial uses electromagnetism to stimulate collagen. Cost: $500
8. Indulgences include Oriental essence treatment of the body, aromatherapy, facial, foot ritual and fruit platter. Cost: $666
9. Grand luxe facial include diamond peel, caviar mask, omega 6 treatment, protein drops and lead light therapy. Cost $750.
10. Evian bath, the most expensive treatment uses 1000 liters of Evian water. The tub is then filled and decorated by fuchsia Gerber daises. Cost: $5000.

If you are rich you can afford all the health and beauty treatments but if you’re not rich but wanting to treat yourself with luxury, you might need to take out a short term loan to be able to enjoy the moment away from stress. Credit loans can satisfy all of your beauty and relaxation needs, from facial, massage to body wraps. Immersing yourself in luxurious day spa treatment and pampering yourself is a great stress reliever.

Prices at the day spa vary depending on a number of factors:
Location – prices in big cities or major suburbs are usually higher.
Amenities – the greater the amenities the higher the price.
Housing – resort or hotel spa is more expensive.

Average luxury day spa package price per hour:
Sydney – $120
London – $185
Paris – $225
New York – $220
China – $100

Spa package is a combination or more than one service typically includes massage, facial, aromatherapy and some beauty treatment.

There are health benefits of going to the spa, massage improves blood circulation which is important to maintain normal body functioning. Massage therapy help with pain management, it alleviates chronic conditions such as arthritis, muscle spasms and sciatica. Spa therapies help in detoxifying the body from impurities and help lower body fat. Spa and wellness therapies relax and rejuvenate the body which helps in preventing hypertension by regulating blood pressure. It also enhances the body energy and reduces stress. Day spa treatments a luxury for the wealthy are now more accessible to people with moderate income. Many people are discovering the joys of spa treatment and it is springing up everywhere.

Social Media in the Global Day Spa Industry

Social media has played a huge contributing factor in generating leads and traffic online. Companies and business owners benefit greatly from such feature as they are able to spread product or brand awareness as well as spark customer interest and attention. This is the reason why several industries today are taking the necessary steps in order to integrate social media over their respective businesses.

This is quite apparent especially with the emergence of several social media pages that are growing in numbers. Social media in the global day spa industry is blooming with an increase number of social media profiles that revolve around it. Let us consider some noteworthy examples.

Gaia Retreat & Spa

Gaia Retreat & Spa shows up as one of the top results on a search engine website making it relatively noticeable and popular to the online community. They have also integrated several social media pages for their website which helps boost their overall online presence.

Absolute Sanctuary

This spa in Thailand is able to get a good amount of traffic and leads from online users right from the get go. Awards and recognition can be easily seen along with recommendations and reviews by noteworthy websites.

Rancho La Puerta

Rancho La Puerta is filled to the brim with a slew of social media pages which makes them easy to follow for fans and customers alike. You will find their Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Instagram, Pinterest as well as their YouTube page easily accessible at their website.

Mii Amo

Considered to be one of the World’s best destination spas, Mii Amo is quite active over the social media allowing for easy interaction with their fans. Furthermore, they also have a blog which adds to that extra incentive of visiting their website on a repeated basis.

These are some of the many global day spas around the world who have made good use of the power and reach of social media. Management to these websites is done on a regular basis to ensure that they are always up and running ready to serve its customers. Intra-office social media is often used to easily track and follow social media leads and growth. SharePoint development is considered to be an invaluable tool and asset for such companies as it allows them to improve business efficiency, enable online processes, share knowledge, and automate reporting.

Day spas and the services that they provide are indeed getting more and more popular to the online community receiving its fair share of the spotlight. This is made possible with the help of social media. Clearly, there is no denying how popular social media has been and how it has impacted our life in different aspects.

Now, it is easily possible to look for and find a day spa that is able to suit your preference and taste with just a click of a button taking less than a few seconds to process and complete. This in turn makes finding them online an effortless and hassle free procedure. Now more than ever, online users make use of social media on their day to day activity which makes social media in the global day spa industry a truly noteworthy endeavor. Integrate your business in the field of social media today!

Menopause Treatment News from Around the World

menopause treatment AustraliaHot flashes, mood swings, sleeplessness and memory problems, these are just some of the associated discomforts women face during menopause.

Menopause refers to the time when a woman no longer has her menses, usually for more than a year. While menopause can happen to a woman any time she reaches her 40th, the median age, it usually occurs is between 50 and 52.

It’s a fact that women are bound to experience menopause in their lives but have you ever wondered if women around the world experience menopause the same way?

A number of studies show that how a woman experience menopause may depend on her heritage and where she lives in.  For example, in the US, many menopausal women battle hot flashes, a condition which causes a sudden onset of warmth and heat, accompanied by sweating, nausea, and anxiety. Studies show that African-American women are significantly more likely to experience this symptom as they go through menopause than white women. On the other hand, women in Asian countries rarely report problems with hot flashes.  This also proves to be true among women in India.

It’s worth considering that some of the factors involved in this difference are dietary and traditional medicine related, which are both comprised of natural elements, unlike the most common Western treatment for menopause which is hormone replacement therapy.

Other countries address menopausal symptoms differently. Some rely on hormone replacement therapy, some go for the alternative herbal remedies and some have personalised solutions. Here are some of the menopause treatments used around the world…


One of the most widely used herbs in China branded to be the female tonic is dong quai also known as dang gui, tang kuei and Chinese angelica root.  It’s been used for centuries in the treatment of menstrual problems in women as well as treating the symptoms of menopause. It can help treat the common symptoms such as hot flashes, sleeplessness, mood swings and vaginal dryness. Dong quai is a phytoestrogenic herb and is said to replace estrogen when it’s dropping and contend with natural estrogens when they are extremely high. This herb is also known to relieve stress, nourish blood flow and relieves pain during menopause.


Maca, the Peruvian plant root and medicinal herb is traditionally used in Peru for treating menopausal symptoms. It’s known to be an herbal remedy for all kinds of hormonal imbalances. The maca root is also known to help stimulate hormone levels of oestrogen and progesterone by working on the pituitary gland (gland responsible for secreting sex hormones).


Kava Kava, the ceremonial beverage of Polynesia is created from the ground roots of the Kava plant. It has powerful effects on alertness, memory, and emotional balance. Since kava kava easily brings about tranquility with no addiction and no sedation, it can offer help on common perimenopause and menopause symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, nervousness and sleep disruption. It’s known to relax the brain and helps bring deep, restful sleep and promotes relaxation.

Red Indians of North America

Flaxseed reduces total and LDL cholesterol concentrations in Native American postmenopausal women. Flaxseed is a plant oestrogen containing both omega-3 fatty acids and lingans which is used as a treatment for menopause symptoms. Omega three fatty acids are essential for cell growth and are also known to be protective in heart disease while lingans contain antioxidants that are being studied for their ability to prevent cancer. Flaxseed also has been found to have some anti-estrogen qualities that could decrease the risk of breast cancer.

Trobriand Islanders, Papua New Guinea

The wild yam, a staple diet of the Trobriand islanders of Papua New Guinea is advertised as an herbal remedy for menstrual discomfort and menopausal symptoms. It’s known to be an effective alternative to hormone replacement therapy as it contains a plant steroid called phyto-oestrogens. Phyto-oestrogens have a similar influence on the body to a hormone and act in a similar way to the progesterone hormone. This vegetable can help treat hot flashes and prevent mood swings.

For women who live long enough, there is no escaping menopause, but its symptoms may be regulated by lifestyle changes, supplements, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and natural therapies.  Because the effects of menopause take a toll on a lot of women, there are menopause treatment clinics here in Australia which can help them in managing their symptoms.

12 Child Health Clinics in Australia

child health clinics australiaIn many ways, children in Australia today are healthier than ever before. With the help of primary pediatric and adolescent health care providers, as well as the use of vaccines and antibiotics, our children no longer have to face the plagues of generations past (smallpox, measles, polio, cholera and other infectious diseases). They are now able to lead longer and healthier lives than the children of any previous generation.

There are a number of great child health clinics in Australia which provide service and look after the health of the younger members of society. With a mission to protect and prevent children from the threats of health, child health clinics take proactive steps to keep children healthy by checking the all-around health of a child to identify any potential issues early on and protect them against serious childhood infections. Here are some of the best child health clinics delivering high quality care practices and health services in and around Australia…

  1. Auditory Processing Disorder

Ph: (02) 9327 4285

  1. The Children’s Clinic

49 Grosvenor Street Woollahra, NSW, 2025

Ph: (02) 9369 5757

  1. Sydney Developmental Clinic

Level 6 30 Carrington Street Sydney NSW 2000

Ph: (02) 9276 6100

  1. Annie’s Centre

283 Avoca St, Randwick 2031 NSW

Ph: (02) 9314 5793

  1. The Children’s Psychology Clinic

Suite G01; 2 Eden Street North Sydney NSW 2060

Ph: (02) 9630 0559

  1. Melbourne Children’s Clinic

2/321 Camberwell Road, Camberwell Victoria 3124

Ph: (03) 9813 5700

  1. Guardian Medical

453 Station Street Box Hill VIC 3128

Ph: (03) 9890 4585

  1. Melbourne Paediatric Specialists

Suite 4.3 / Level 4, 48 Flemington Road Parkville VIC 3052

Ph: (03) 9948 5005

  1. Banyo Clinic

183 Tufnell Road Banyo, QLD 4014

Ph: (07) 3267 5088

  1. Kenmore Clinic

Suites 2, 3 and 6, 2081 Moggill Road  Kenmore QLD 4069

Ph: (07) 3363 1600

  1. Mawson Lakes Healthcare

Innovation House, 50 Mawson Lakes Blvd, Mawson Lakes

Ph: (08) 8359 6266 SA 5095

  1. Calvary John James Hospital

173 Strickland Crescent Deakin ACT 2600

Ph: (02) 6281 8100

osteopathy sydney

Ten Ways Osteopathy Can Be of Help

osteopathy sydneyDid you know that one in every four visits people make to the GP is for pain affecting the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves? Osteopathy is an approach to healthcare which emphasizes the significance of the musculoskeletal system in health and disease. It’s a hands-on therapy, which provides a gentle way to help relieve pain and stiffness without the need for medication and more invasive treatments such as surgery.

Osteopathy can treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal problems and can also assist with the management of a number of other conditions. There are so many ways osteopathy can be of help and here are ten of its most significant benefits:

  1. Removes the underlying cause of pain, therefore treating the pain. This is perhaps the most important benefit of Osteopathy. Osteopathic treatments are practiced to effectively reduce and cure pain that a person experiences in a number of different areas of the body. Sometimes treatments can be so dramatic that in some cases, patients who came in the clinic who were barely able to walk properly due to a sore back, walks out of the clinic skipping.
  1. Relieves chronic pain through non-invasive treatment.
  1. Encourages the body to heal itself by increasing blood circulation and reducing the blood pressure.
  1. Help prevent and reduce the likelihood of a health condition from reoccurring. This is beneficial, especially to people who have just recovered from an injury or acute condition. Additionally, if a person has a hobby or a lifestyle that puts him or her at risk, then osteopathic treatment could benefit them by preventing an injury.
  1. Alleviate the symptoms, especially if a person suffers from a chronic illness such as asthma, digestion problems, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, gynecological disorders, etc. This is a huge benefit particularly to people who has illness that causes numerous symptoms, preventing them to do their hobbies or reduce their quality of life.
  1. Makes a person relax, as it is known to reduce the stress levels by increasing the efficiency of the body’s systems such as the blood flow, nerve supply and immune system.
  1. Aids the body to adapt to the hormonal and structural changes during pregnancy.
  1. Helps treat trauma resulting from accidents such as sport injuries and motor vehicle injuries.
  1. Relieves tension headaches as well as migraine headaches.
  1. Improve a person’s mood and also offers relief for anxiety or depression.

Osteopathy is an approach of treating damaged parts of the body to keep it balanced and efficient. It’s sort of a preventive measure to keep the body in optimum condition so that it has more energy for living.