Promoting Wellness in Asia

employee wellbeing

Work in Asia can have either a negative or positive impact on people’s health and well being. Basically, well motivated and healthy employees in Asia can usually have a positive impact on the productivity as well as effectiveness of your business. Responsibility for health and wellbeing at work belongs to both employees and employers. The key factors which can determine whether the workers will have a negative or positive relationship with work are:

  • The relationship between the managers and the employees
  • Whether the workers are involved in organizational decisions and issues
  • Job design
  • Acceptability and availability of flexible working
  • Awareness of the occupational health issues

Tips on How to Improve Employees’ Well Being

Here are the tips to put into consideration if you want to improve your Employee wellbeing:

Things you’ll Require

  • Safety Committee
  • Safety report
  • Ergonomic furnishings consultant
  • Healthy Eating program
  • Smoking cessation program

Tip#1: Banning Smoking:

First and foremost, it is important that if you’re an employer you ban smoking on the working environment. Research has proved that the continent with the highest number of smokers in the world is Asia. Create and implement some programs which provide reimbursement of qualified smoking cessation therapy like nicotine replacement. This will encourage your employers to kick the habit.

Tip#2: Healthy Eating Habit:

Encourage your employees to follow healthy eating habits by setting a good example. For instance, you can remove machines which are filled with beverages and snacks with high calories or low nutritional value from your workplace. It’s ideal that you consider enrolling in your workplace a fresh fruit delivery program so that there is always availability of healthy snacks to the employees.

Tip#3: Selecting Ergonomic Furnishings:

Enlist the assistance of any Asian consultant to help in selecting ergonomic furnishings in your workplace, including workstations and chairs. It’s recommended that you host severally a voluntary seminar on ergonomics for the interested workers. Distribute gel filled mouse pads and wrist rests to prevent workers with heavy computer usage from suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tip#4: Free On- site Health Screenings:

Conduct free on- site health screenings for workers. Cholesterol and blood pressure screenings held in your workplace will give the workers who are not seeking preventive screenings to have the chance to do so without any inconvenience.

Tip#5: Coming with Get- fit Challenge in Workplace:

At any given time, most employees will always like to be fitter than before. To assist your employees along the path, it’s ideal that you set up an office get- fit challenge. For instance, you can invite your workers to participate in a three- month fitness program that will assist them lose a specific weight amount or revamp their eating habits.

You can also set a date for a workout competition, organize training and exercise groups for support and bring in an expert to assist in designing individual training programs.Look for an expert who is fit to offer training programs such as Kungfu and Taichi tactics as these are most commonly practiced workouts by Asian people.

Tip#6: Rewarding Employees:

Those employees who emerge victors in the workout competitions should be rewarded with different gifts. This will motivate them to always work hard in matters pertaining fitness and in the long run you’ll have improved their wellbeing. For instance, employees who emerge victors can be taken to some of the best restaurants in Asia to enjoy their meals there together with their family members.

A healthy workplace will improve the employers and employees’ wellbeing and productivity in the long run.

Last, but not least, make use of the aforementioned tips to improve your employees’ wellbeing since they’ll really contribute to improving the performance of your business in Asia.