The cozy beauty spa treatment that’s located at each turn of our resort is additionally located at Termana Soup.


In a rush? Not a problem! We provide a quick but comprehensive 30-minute treat. Cease in during your lunch break or following work for a treatment that is customized including hydration, exfoliation, deep cleanse, and merchandise penetration.

Curative Facial

A massage-centered, relaxing, stress relieving facial using nontoxic products. Love deep cleanse, tailored remedial head, shoulder and neck massage, a customized mask, heavy hydration and sun protection. Relax the body and improve your skin’s skill to detoxify and treat.

Naturopathic Face Lift Facial

A high-performance facial featuring our Plant Stem Cell Serum mixed with the BT Micro Skin Firming which uses ultrasonic and present technologies. Provides deep hydration and gradually tones and firms the skin.

A consultation carries a complete evaluation of private expectancies and your skin. In addition, it has a comprehensive strategy including treatments and recommended merchandise. Happier and healthier skin is merely a consultation away!