Therapeutic Sex Relief: Real Therapy or Sham?

Studies have proven that sex presents various health benefits. For one, it amplifies the flow of a working roster of chemicals that improve or buttress the body’s immune system. Just like exercise, sex prompts blood circulation and picks up our cholesterol levels. But did you know that sex can be a form of therapy?

Healing Through Sex

When we engage in a sexual activity, our body releases oxytocin, a known cuddle hormone. According to research, women’s oxytocin levels are at peak when they are breastfeeding or giving birth. In the case of men, oxytocin is on the roof when they are involved with their partners or offspring.

During sex, the oxytocin surges with sensual touch, and is at its highest during orgasm. But what good does it bring? Research shows that the “cuddle hormones” foster a sense of well-being. It also lessens the stress we feel by lowering our cortisol levels. There are ongoing medical explorations on how oxytocin can be used in neuropathic treatment or in attenuating inflammatory pain.

Aside from oxytocin, our brain discharges endorphins. This hormone has a similar structure with morphine, thus attributed as our body’s natural pain reliever. After an awesome lovemaking session, we feel in raptures. Endorphins also work that way.

Spiritual Sexual Healing

Tantric sex is always associated with spiritual sexual healing. In this form of therapy, we help our body to reach orgasm without the usual penetration. What happens is that we center our chakras — our energy system — towards our pelvis towards the top of our head. We kind of just let the energy run into our bodies smoothly and naturally.

Moreover, it relinquishes the “sexpectation” and pressure when in bed. With this, couples can focus on their partners and not on the act itself. As a result, lovemaking is more intimate and fulfilling.

Sex and Touch Therapy

Sex is not all about reaching orgasms. It can also be shown through non-sexual gestures. For instance, holding your partner’s hand while sitting side by side exhibits your sexual desires to your partner. Despite the sexual tension, there’s no actual penetration.

One of the health wonders of this touch therapy is that it can lower your blood pressure. More so, studies suggest that it can boost our immune system. Stroking your partner gently can also take the edge off his/her pain.